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Revolutionize rewards, gaming, and sports betting with our easily white-labeled, seamless integration payments solutions. Fun's new infrastructure.

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Add novel experiences that increase the bottom line

Instant payments

In a world where every penny counts, THNDR empowers instant and cheap payments via Bitcoin. Simplify wagering, rewards and secure marketplaces with us—where finance meets innovation, effortlessly.

Bitcoin rewards

Adding novel bitcoin rewards is a great way to give a facelift to your products. Your most loyal users are your most sticky users. We build tools and reward programs to hook your users into a daily habit to use your product.

Peer-to-peer wagering

Bitcoin software allows peer-to-peer wagering removing the friction of onboarding customers funds. Enabling users to enter wagers using their Bitcoin wallets creates the best user experience while removing costs and headaches for you.

Digital marketplaces

Digital escrow powered by Bitcoin. With our simple escrow API, users can trustlessly exchange digital goods like never before.


Maximize profits without touching funds. Payments happen between your customers, while you still get the juice. Decentralised peer-to-peer payments, using Bitcoin, are the future of wagering.

Live betting

Instant and cheap payments enable new types of betting that were not possible before. Delight your users with new and novel betting experiences during the game.