Whether you agree with it or not, Tim Hortons defines us as Canadians. It is a cornerstone for convenience - and in smaller communities it has become the modern day town square for social gathering. It also happens to be a great place to get a hangover breakfast. The fact of the matter is that we as Canadians would lose a large part of our identity if Tim Hortons were to disappear.

We wanted to see if there was a way to quantify Tim Hortons's reach across Canada. Without further ado, we are proud to present "Double Double Data Visualization" :

We programmatically crawled through Tim Hortons’s website, gathering information about each location. We processed this data into what you see before your eyes.

There are a total 4,256 Tim Hortons locations across Canada. This means there is roughly one Tim Hortons location for every 8,000 Canadians. Interestingly Nova Scotia has the highest Tim Hortons per capita, with one restaurant for every 5,000 people.

Similarly, around 41% of all Tim Hortons locations are open 24 hours. Surprisingly, in Quebec 68% of the locations are open 24 hours - the highest percentage out of any province in Canada. As it turns out, nothing hits the spot quite like a 2am BLT after a night of clubbing on St. Catherine.

We sometimes forget just how big Canada is. To illustrate this, the distance between the westernmost and the easternmost Tim Hortons is a staggering 5,176km and the total distance between the two northern and southernmost locations is roughly 3,420km. Tim Hortons reaches so far north in fact, there are actually three Tim Hortons in the Arctic Circle!

Inspired by these numbers, we've plotted out the ultimate Tim Hortons Roadtrip; The Great Canadian Grand Tour if you will. The route for this journey has been highlighted in red, hover over any point to get more information.

The path we have plotted was done by writing an algorithm which picks each location by taking into consideration the shortest distance from the eastern and westernmost locations. For each point we've factored in its closest neighbors. While this route may not represent the most efficient driving path, it is what we geographically determined to be the most logical.

Just as a quick disclaimer, we definitely do not recommend anyone try to make this trip in one go. However if you do you'll thankfully be well caffeineted. We do ask that you make sure to have $695.80 in your coffee budget, the cost of buying one Double Double at each stop.