A webpage dedicated to visualizing the review statistics for the internet’s busiest music nerd.

Anthony Fantano may be the internet's busiest music nerd, but we're probably the internet's busiest nerds... Who like music. Seriously, this guy is an internet legend - widely considered the guy who popularized music reviews online. Also widely considered the only music reviews online that anyone cares about. Anthony has managed to build a crazy supportive online community, so we thought we'd give back.

We crawled through thousands (no exaggeration) of pages of YouTube videos with our little Python script collecting the captions from his videos, cleaning that text and extracting the ratings. Some data cleansing and visualizing later, we came up with Statstano. We reached out to Anthony with a really rough version, not really being sure if he'd ever reply. Thankfully he did, and we found out quickly that Anthony Fantano might also be internet's nicest human being. He was really stoked and thankful for what we had done. Check out the video he had put out reviewing Statstano in detail.

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