Which Diplo

"Those two are freebies toward your whichdiplo.com quiz. It's the latest marketing scheme from Viceland to promote the show"
- Billboard

Viceland's show What Would Diplo Do is truly one of a kind. Picture this, an EDM superstar played by Dawson's Creek star James Van DerBeek, with another EDM superstar (Dillon Francis) playing a supporting role. What a time to be alive. (ok, you say this in multiple posts, so maybe switch it up)

Shortly after announcing the show, Vice's marketing team created a new Twitter account for the fictional Diplo (@_diplo_) and embarked on one of the greatest Twitter trolling missions I've seen to date. We wanted in immediately. We teamed up with Viceland and our good friends at MOONBASE to make this interactive web experience that quizzes you on how well you know Diplo. Try it out for yourself below.

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The experiment was a huge success. There was so much organic traffic and engagement, it was really incredible seeing everyone sharing screenshots and results (including Diplo's label, Mad Decent). Read more on Billboard