Chance vs Supreme

On January 10th 2018 Chance the Rapper made a claim "Everybody knows I brought Supreme back.". Immediately a hypebeast riddled shitstorm descended upon the Chicago rapper. With all the eloquence and poise the internet is famous for, the erroneous nature of the savior complex statement was made clear. thndr Labs saw this as an opportunity to not just add fuel to the fire, but to end the discussion and deliver the knockout punch.

Below is a data-visualization using Google Trends detailing the relevancy of different artists and their association with Supreme.

As expected there is definite spike in interest with Tyler the Creator and Supreme in early 2011. (Same time Yonkers dropped and left their craniums mind-fucked) Conversely Tyler's relevancy with supreme has waned, potentially due to efforts invested in his own clothing label GOLF, while Travis Scott's numbers have been steadily climbing since 2015. If there is one thing to learn from the data however, it is that Chance has a long way to go before he can claim to be the one to make Supreme relevant again (we have re-sellers and rich kids to thank for that).